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Evening Compline

Compline is known as the “good night prayer” in our Prayer Book (pp.127-135) and will be offered via Zoom every weeknight at 8:00 pm, beginning today. Join your Trinity clergy and fellow parishioners (and anyone else you want to invite) to participate.

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Find the details and download the bulletin from this page.

Location Online with Zoom


“This crisis reflects deep sores and deep wounds that have been here all along. In the midst of COVID-19 and the pressure cooker of a society in turmoil, a man was brutally killed. The basic human right to life was taken away. His basic human dignity was stripped by someone charged to protect our common humanity. And perhaps the deeper pain of this is the fact that it’s not an isolated incident. The pain of this is that it’s a deep part of our life. It’s not just our history. It is American society today. We are not, however, slaves to our fate … unless we choose to do nothing.”  (Presiding Bishop Michael Curry)