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Trinity has Reopened!

Sunday Worship Service

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We are here. We are alive. We are faithful. Join us!

Our goals, in this time of pandemic, are to stay connected, help each other, serve our community, worship God, and follow Jesus with all our hearts and souls. 

In the end, please know that we will weather this crisis together. God is here. God is with us. Now is the time to link arms (virtually, of course) and be the church. 

Additional Resources

A Prayer to Begin Gatherings

Almighty God: Our times are in your hand. Deepen our need of you, O Lord, that every breath may be a whisper of the Spirits prompting, a renewed searching of the deep things of God.  Bless us in our turning toward you, and make us a blessing to those who stand in need of you. All this we ask in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.