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In the Gospels, Jesus calls all people to “love your neighbor as yourself.”  At Trinity we take this core teaching seriously in our neighborhood and beyond.  How do we love ourselves? We care of our physical bodies with healthy food, rest, exercise, health care, and safe and comfortable homes.  We take care of our minds through education, cultural enrichment, mental health wellness, and meaningful work.  We tend our spirits through worship, prayer, art, music, and participation in a faith community that cares for us and listens to us.  These practices are how we love ourselves.  Jesus calls us to extend that very specific kind of love to other people, especially to people without the circumstances or resources to provide that kind of love for themselves or their families. 

  • First Nations Kitchen 

    Several times per year, Trinity sends a boisterous group of senior high youth and adults to prepare, cook, and serve dinner at First Nations’ Kitchen. Read More
  • Ready for Success

    Serving low-income women and men entering or returning to the workplace with new or gently used professional clothing and accessories suitable for job interviews and the workplace. Read More
  • White Earth Mission Project

    For five years, members of Trinity’s high school youth group, along with adult volunteers, traveled to the Leech Lake reservation to work on building projects such as re-roofing houses, cleaning Read More
  • EpiscoBuilders

    Episcobuilders is a joint ministry of several Episcopal churches in the western suburbs engaged in partnership with Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity. Read More
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