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Trinity Church considers itself a “purple parish” – meaning, within our congregation lives a wide range of political ideology, practice and affiliation. In recent years, we have decided to embrace—rather than deny—our political diversity, and to understand Trinity as a safe place to learn how to deeply listen and be in close, holy relationship with each other across often-polarizing public policies and politics.

Employing methods for deep listening, respectful dialogue, and civil discourse, such as that from the Courage and Renewal Center, Trinity has formed partnerships with the Excelsior Chamber of Commerce and the West Tonka League of Women Voters to lead voter registration drives and offer respectful candidate forums and meet-and-greet gatherings to our community.

Trinity’s ministry in the 2018 midterm elections was covered by the national Episcopal News Service.

  • Sojourner Project

    Trinity’s Middle School students have long attached themselves to the Sojourner Project - a domestic abuse shelter in the south Lake Minnetonka area.  Read More
  • ICA Food Shelf

    Trinity serves as one of the sponsoring congregations for ICA Food Shelf which serves over 800 families monthly by providing fresh produce, meat, dairy, and canned/dried goods in a grocery Read More
  • Elections and Voter Registration

    Trinity Church considers itself a “purple parish” – meaning, within our congregation lives the widest possible continuum of political ideology, practice, and affiliation. Read More
  • City House

    City House inspires hope, trust, and healing through spiritual listening with people on the margins – including those people experiencing poverty, addition, and/or imprisonment. Read More
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